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SAMSUNG R3 360° Wireless Smart Sound Multi-Room Speaker – Black

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360 Omnidirectional Sound
Unlike conventional speakers that project sound in a single direction, Wireless Audio 360 fills the entire room with sound, thanks to Samsung’s Ring Radiator technology which disperses sound evenly in all directions.
Classic Design
Contributing to the best 360 sound output, the speakers are purposefully designed in a cylinder shape with a precisely calculated sound gap between speakers and acoustic lenses to equally resonate sound throughout your home.
Effortless Control
Navigating your music is easy with the R3’s intuitive top panel interface. Simply tap to control playback, swipe to play the next/previous track*, and touch Mode to toggle between Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and TV SoundConnect. And for ease of use, an OLED display lets you know the device’s status.
*Next/Previous function may be limited according to CP (content provider) services.
The easier way to access all your favourite tracks
Samsung Wireless Audio Multiroom makes diving into all your favourite music easier than ever before, thanks to its Wi-Fi capabilities. Simply access the Samsung Multiroom App to experience the best of the internet’s subscription streaming music services*—all in incredible audio quality on Wi-Fi speakers.
Multiroom App
Access music more simply with an easy setup* and the new intuitive UI of the Multiroom App. Features include touch wheel dial navigation for smooth song selection, direct play from the home screen upon launch, and fast switching between menus.
*Available only for 2015/16 Multiroom Audio products.
Multiroom App for Smartwatch
Control your music directly from your wrist with the Multiroom App, now available for the Samsung Gear S and the Apple Watch. Leave your smartphone behind and use the watch controls to make quick selections from the song queue list, speaker list, and control playback and volume instantly.
*The Smartwatch Multiroom App can only be used after you generate a song queue list and start playback using the Mobile Multiroom App. **Smartwatch compatibility may vary by region.
Multiroom Link*
Controlling and sharing one music source across multiple audio devices** in various locations is made easy with the Multiroom Link solution, thanks to Samsung’s Multiroom App. Remotely control the music on your TV, Soundbar, HES, BDP and more.***
Wi-Fi Connectivity
Wireless Audio 360 supports Wi-Fi connectivity with your smartphone and tablet for a seamless, high-quality audio experience. You can even pair multiple Wireless Audio 360 speakers simultaneously to enjoy music your way. (Bluetooth also supported.)
* Subscription streaming music service providers in the Samsung Multiroom App may vary depending on your region.