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Free Five Year Guarantee On Selected Items

A 5 year guarantee is included on all Grade A/A- TVs at DC Digital TV, unless otherwise stated.

The guarantee includes:

Protection against mechanical or electrical breakdown for a total of five years.
Just one number to call 01202 879077

In the event of a mechanical or electrical breakdown, we will provide a repair service. Your product will be repaired as many times as necessary without charge.
If the product cannot be repaired, we will replace it with a TV of equivalent specification.

The guarantee is back to our base. You will be responsible for the return costs to our facility. You are welcome to return any item is person by appointment.


Damage due to mishap or miss-use.
Regularly replaced items/consumable items, including:
Built-in batteries
Bulbs and lamps (except for bulbs used in rear projection TV)
Cosmetic damage where it does not affect the operation or safety of the product
Repair costs that have not been approved
Damage or breakdown due to flood, wind or other severe weather conditions
Damage or breakdown due to fire, unless caused by an electrical malfunction within the product
Repair or replacement of the product which has been neglected, abused, misused, or damaged intentionally. You must take reasonable care of the product
The cost of repairing or replacing a product which has been exposed to insect infestation (or similar phenomenon) or human or animal fluid/matter
Inoperability of a product caused by withdrawal of services by a third party or by a failure of, fault with or interruption of a utilities supply
Software or data
Image retention on plasma, LCD, LED, 3D or rear projection screens
Theft or any loss suffered if you cannot use the product or any loss other than repair or replacement
Cost of Data Recovery if unit needs to be sent to specialist laboratory
There are statutory rights in place that apply to faulty goods. You can find advice on those rights from the Citizens Advice Bureau.


You will receive your guarantee confirmation with your receipt when you purchase your item.